19. September 2019

Biopolymer from wood and PLA as food packaging

Biopolymers from wood fibres and polylactide (PLA) are an alternative to traditional food packaging made from plastics. Wood and PLA are 100 % biobased and open up new opportunities to fulfil the requests of industry and consumers for ecological and food-grade packaging.

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24. June 2010

WPC granulate proves its performance in injection-moulding techniques

The WPC granulate from the German company JELU has proven its optimal performance in comprehensive tests even in injection-moulding techniques. In the past, JELU has developed a process for manufacturing WPC granulate. JELU processes wood fibres, polypropylene and additives to manufacture a high-quality, homogenously compounded WPC mix using machines specifically designed for this purpose. WPC […]

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