19. September 2019

Biopolymer from wood and PLA as food packaging

Biopolymers from wood fibres and polylactide (PLA) are an alternative to traditional food packaging made from plastics. Wood and PLA are 100 % biobased and open up new opportunities to fulfil the requests of industry and consumers for ecological and food-grade packaging.

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30. May 2018

LUCO TOYS: Advances in toy bricks with JELUPLAST®

The Dutch company LUCO TOYS presents a new generation of its toy bricks: interlocking building blocks made from JELUPLAST® bioplastic. The wood composite creates eco-friendly toy bricks that are dimensionally stable and resistant to breakage.
After one year of development, the Dutch company LUCO TOYS presents a new generation of its toy bricks: interlocking building blocks made from the wood plastic composite JELUPLAST. LUCO TOYS thus expands its product range of interlocking wooden bricks and will in future also offer interlocking building bricks made from bioplastic.

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13. September 2017

Bioplastic for improved toy safety

JELUPLAST® bioplastic makes toys safer. JELUPLAST® is a composite made from wood and plastic that combines the advantages of both materials. The plastic content enables the material to be moulded three-dimensionally and adds elasticity to the toy, while the wood lends it rigidity and strength, increasing its resistance to breakage.

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3. August 2017

Food-safe bioplastic

JELU-WERK offers a true alternative to traditional plastics with its food-safe bioplastic JELUPLAST®. The composite made from natural fibres and plastic is free from formaldehyde, chlorine, phenol, plasticisers and PVC. And it is suitable for coming into contact with food because it does not release any substances into the foodstuff.

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21. July 2017

Langmatz receives Ernst Pelz Award for manhole made from WPC

Our customer Langmatz GmbH received this year’s Ernst Pelz Award for developing and launching a manhole made from WPC (Wood Plastic Compound). Presenting the award, Minister Ilse Aigner praised the use of renewable resources and the excellent quality.

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25. February 2016

Bioplastic for furniture making

In JELUPLAST®, the German company JELU-WERK presents a novel and versatile material for furniture making. Like plastic, JELUPLAST® can be moulded three-dimensionally and offers wide scope for design, yet it possesses the positive attributes of wood.

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15. October 2015

Bioplastics at FAKUMA 2015

Until 17 October, JELU-WERK will be showcasing product samples and application examples at stand 01-2 in the Foyer Ost hall. JELUPLAST® granulates are wood plastic composites made from food-safe plastics and natural fibres. The JELUPLAST® bioplastics are suitable for injection moulding and extrusion.

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1. October 2015


From 13 until 17 October 2015, JELU-WERK will present itself at the FAKUMA trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany. At booth 01-2 in the Foyer Ost hall, JELU will exhibit its wood plastic composites, which are suitable for injection moulding and extrusion.

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18. March 2015

Explanatory video on bioplastics

In a new video, JELU-WERK offers its customers and business partners an insight into the manufacture of the JELUPLAST® biocomposite.

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13. November 2014

WPC – what’s special about bioplastic from JELU

We’re proud of the bioplastic that we developed in-house a few years ago. That’s because it has a very special property: it combines the advantages of wood and plastic in one material.

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