Bioplastic for improved toy safety

JELUPLAST® bioplastic makes toys safer. JELUPLAST® is a composite made from wood and plastic that combines the advantages of both materials. The plastic content enables the material to be moulded three-dimensionally and adds elasticity to the toy, while the wood lends it rigidity and strength, increasing its resistance to breakage. Toys manufactured from JELUPLAST® resemble wooden toys in their feel and appearance. Our bioplastic can therefore be used to create durable, attractive alternatives to wooden toys.

Coloured toy bricks from JELUPLAST® bioplastic

JELUPLAST® bioplastic can be moulded three-dimensionally and increases the resistance of toys to breakage.

Safe, high-quality toys

Our bioplastic is suitable for conventional plastics processing machinery and can be used for injection moulding and extrusion as well as compression moulding, blow moulding or foaming to produce high-quality toys. The material can also be dyed in a wide range of shades to fill a child’s world with colour. JELUPLAST® is food-safe and does not pose any risk to health. As a result, children are not exposed to any danger by our bioplastic, even if they put the toy in their mouth. The material complies with all the parts of the European Toy Safety standard relating to health. The ISO 22196 antimicrobial test has also demonstrated that JELUPLAST® has a strong antibacterial effect. Germs and bacteria don’t stand a chance on young children’s toys because the antibacterial property of the material renders the toy self-cleaning. JELUPLAST bioplastic is also free of:

  • Chlorine
  • Phenol
  • Formaldehyde
  • PVC
  • Plasticisers

Bioplastic – sustainable and environmentally friendly

Owing to its high wood content, JELUPLAST® is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic products. The wood fibre content can range from 50 to 70%. Depending on the plastic added, our biocomposites consist up to 100% of renewable resources. We use the following plastics:

  • Polyethylene (PE) from mineral oil
  • Polyethylene (PE) from sugar cane
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Thermoplastic starch (TPS)
  • Polylactide (PLA)

A flexible material

JELUPLAST® is supplied in WPC granulate form. Our WPC granulates only contain fibres from selected types of wood that meet certain criteria, such as having a fixed grain size and being of the same type of wood. Thus we are able to reliably set the physical-mechanical properties of our biocomposites to specific values. We only use wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC) for our biocomposite.

We offer premixed compounds that can be used directly in the manufacture of your products. Our premixed compounds possess quite different properties depending on the type and quantity of the ingredients. We also produce customised compounds, adjusting the properties of the bioplastic to your application by the inclusion of additives.

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