Langmatz receives Ernst Pelz Award for manhole made from WPC

Manhole made from WPC by Langmatz GmbHOur customer Langmatz GmbH received this year’s Ernst Pelz Award for developing and launching a manhole made from WPC (Wood Plastic Compound). Presenting the award, Minister Ilse Aigner praised the research done by Langmatz GmbH. This newly developed material boasts not only renewable resources, but also excellent quality.

Over six years of research, Langmatz developed ecopolytec, a foam-moulded structure WPC material that, with 45 per cent wood content, is largely made from renewable resources. Ecopolytec binds CO2 for decades. This advance in material technology has made it possible to develop the first ecological solution for a manhole that is ideal for expanding high-speed fibre optic networks, while complying with all strength and durability requirements. The material is resistant to harmful organisms (e.g. wood-destroying fungi) and to acidic and alkaline media.

Langmatz is an international, medium-sized company, located in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Germany. The company, founded in 1963, is a leading supplier of technical system solutions and infrastructure components for energy technology, telecommunications and traffic systems. Langmatz specializes both in plastics and metal processing and is able to develop and manufacture any combination of plastic and metal because of its technical and technological know-how. The company is a partner of municipalities, public utility companies and telecommunications operators in numerous broadband projects. As a system provider, Langmatz manufactures outdoor cabinets, house feed-ins, underground distribution systems and well-developed manhole systems among other things. Langmatz had already won the WPC Innovation Award in 2013.


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