WPC granulate for high-quality products

Several years ago, JELU developed WPC granulate that can be processed industrially. While we developed this composite, our long-lasting experience in processing natural fibres came in useful. Our composite material can be used in injection moulding and extrusion to manufacture end products. The compression moulding, blow moulding and foaming techniques can also be used.

Under the JELUPLAST® brand, we offer a range of premixed compounds with clearly defined qualities, including compounds that are compostable or resistant to the weather. As plastics, both oil-based and biobased plastics can be used. It goes without saying that we also manufacture custom compounds that are optimised for special applications according to customers’ needs. Our compounds can be processed, for example by dyeing, coating or covering.

We use only pure-grade wood fibres for our WPC. By compounding and then granulating our WPC, we obtain a highly homogenised composite material that can be metered without difficulty during further processing.