Processing of JELUPLAST

The bioplastic from JELU can be dyed and/or processed, for example by coating, welding or gluing. A selection of processes is listed below.


Colour particles can be added to JELU biocomposites prior to granulation, enabling products made from WPC to be pigmented in any colour. The products can also be dyed during injection moulding or extrusion processes.

Dyed WPC
Injection moulded products made from WPC from JELU. Colour was added to the granulate prior to injection moulding.


WPC can be coated following injection moulding or extrusion.

Products made from WPC from JELU can be coated
Wood plastic composite can be coated in the same way as conventional plastic.


Our compound can also be welded following extrusion or injection moulding.

WPC from JELU can be welded
Extruded panels made from WPC from JELU: the panels are welded following extrusion.


Initial experiments show that products manufactured from WPC from JELU can also be glued. To date, the best results have been achieved using normal wood glue.

WPC from JELU can also be glued
WPC from JELU can be glued using normal wood glue.
WPC from JELU can be glued
Once dry, the glued joint can withstand loading of up to five kilograms.


Thermoplastic biocomposite from JELU can be covered with textile materials following moulding.

Injection moulded product covered with textile material
Injection moulded product consisting of WPC from JELU. Fabric was applied to the moulded part to be used for the interior trim of automobiles.